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Tandoori Kitchen

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”We are a place with the best and wide variety of Indian dishes wrapped in exotic flavours, prepared by our exotic chefs and served to you by our extremely cordial staff.”

 We guarantee that you shall be pleasured dining with us here at Tandoori Kitchen. 

Along with the food prepared by our expert chefs, we have a team of extremely cordial staff who shall assist you from the moment you enter our beautiful restaurant till the moment you bid us farewell.


The environment and the decor of the restaurant will give you a very delightful experience of your food in one of the best Indian restaurant.

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Our Menu.

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Samosa Vegetarian

A deep fried pastry with potatoes and house blend spices.


Mutter Paneer

Green peas and homemade paneer with tomato based thick and aromatic gravy.


Gulab Jamun

Two balls of dumplings with sweet syrup.

Chholay Bhature

Fluffy deep fries bread served with chick peas masala.

Butter Chicken

Roast chicken nice blend of creamy tomato sauce with aromatic spices.


Sweet served in milk with different dry fruits.

Chilli Chicken

Boneless chicken marinated with soya sauce and spices cooked in Indo Chinese Style.

Lamb Curry

A lamb stewed on onion and tomato based sauce flavoured with Indian spices.

Gajar Halwa

Halwa is made of carrots mixed with sugar and milk.


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